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We are Gmicord Industrial Group, a 100% Nigerian Aluminium LongSpan and Steel Door Manufacturer.

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We offer fabrication, cathodic/galvanic protection by film galvanizing technology(zinganization) and industrial inspection services. We manufacture all types of aluminium long span roofing sheets and anti-corrosion services. We also manufacture Steel Doors.

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Gmicord Aluminium -- the aluminium place.
Gmicord Steel Doors -- the no1 steel doors.
Zinga Nigeria -- anti-corrosion services.

roofing sheet
Corrugated Alumnium Roofing

This subidiary is into corrugation of Longspan Aluminium and Printech Supergalum Roofing Sheets. Machines available in the factory are capable of corrugating "Conventional Longspan, Steptiles and Flashings".

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Nigerian Steel Doors

This subsidiary is into the manufacturing of Steel Doors.

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Renovation services

We are dedicated to delivering best-value services based on proven construction practices. We have an uncompromising commitment to providing our customers with quality service.

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Zinga anti-corrosion services

Oil companies and users of steel structures are advised to protect their investments by using Zinga products to prolong the lifespan of these structures.

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roofing & repairs
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We take great pride in our roofing shingles, sheets & accessories and we believe that we have a great deal of responsibility to homeowners..

Save tons on design and development

Our roofing sheets are designed to provide homeowners with a variety of options for their roofs.

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August 6, 2020

"We are working at almost twice the capacity".

Gmicord roofing systems are designed to provide homeowners with a variety of options for their roofs. From heavy gauge aluminum slate and cedar shingles, to shake, Mediterranean tile, and mechanical-lock standing seam metal roofing panels — there is something for everyone. The variations also allow you to customize your home’s look without sacrificing quality or durability.
- G.M Ihenachor Chairman Gmicord Group

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