Gmicord Steel Industries (A Member of Gmicord Industrial Group) is a proud indigenous company which is into the manufacture of steel doors. Gmicord as a committed Industrialist rather than sit back and criticize, saw and exploited the opportunity created following the Federal Government's Forex ban on 41 items which include Steel Doors. She cued into the Federal Government of Nigeria's policy of Self-Sufficiency and Forex Savings.

Gmicord Industrial Group in line with her Vision of promoting industrialization, transfer of technology and creating employment opportunities for Nigerians as well as fulling her Mission to "save the Nigerian Economy from excessive wastage by providing products and services that encourage a good and cost effective maintenance culture", diversified into the production of Steel-Doors with the sole objective of stemming the tide of capital flight abroad to the importation of foreign doors and put further strain on the Forex.

We are proud to say that since the commencement of operations the demand for Nigeria made Steel-Doors is on the increase and scare Forex is being saved.

Moreover, technology has been transferred in the process to Nigerians who were trained by the manufacturers of the machines. In addition direct jobs have been ceded to Nigerians who are working in the factory as well as indirect jobs for the distributors, welders, etc.

Accordingly, this Steel Door Factory serves as a market guarantee for Investors wishing to setup Flat Sheets/Coils Rolling Plant in Nigeria as an off-taker of her products such as Hot Rolled Steel Coils and Cold Rolled Steel Coils.